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        Cyber security – is your company prepared for a reputational crisis?

        Cyber risk has quickly become one of the biggest threats a business can face. Decisions made in the first hours of a crisis have reputational impacts that can resound for years. Our experts and specialist partner organisations can help you to prepare and manage a cyber crisis.

        Cyber risks run right through every businesses operations – be it customer and employee data, online sales, financial information, logistics, payroll, IP, IT infrastructure and connected manufacturing. The threats are manifest - from inside and outside, malicious and not.

        Our award winning dwf crisis response product can help you prepare and manage a cyber crisis:


        Working hand in hand with your teams and external IT specialists we will test your systems and policies and identify weakness.


        We help you remedy any issues and assist you in putting in place an immediate, effective and flexible crisis response plan, to be deployed with the right resources, should the worst happen. Our workshops and training removes the guess work from managing a problem situation - mitigating the financial and reputational risks to your business.


        Working with leading  experts we can help you put in place active threat monitoring, so you can better understand and react to both internal and external threats.


        a crisis is a time for clear thinking and your board needs advisers who can see the big picture, impose order and bring sound judgment and skills to bear, under the umbrella of legal privilege. We will help you coordinate your internal and external team of IT, communications, customer relations and investigations experts, while providing you with the legal and regulatory advice and action you need.


        We work with specialist digital forensic partners to track down the source of the breach. Our legal and insurance experts help you recover the damage, and our communications experts will work with you to repair your reputation. Of course we then look for business improvements with you to seek to improve your resistance

        We’re available 24/7 and alongside our specialist IT forensics and communications partners, we will guide you confidently through crises as they unfold and as you restore your businesses, helping you to keep your company’s reputation intact.

        Register below and you will start to receive our monthly newsletter which will help you to identify risks in your business and how to avoid them, as well as access to our 24/7 hotline should the worst happen. We can help you to build a plan to stay prepared, incorporating workshops, training and testing of your systems.

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        Our partners

        IT Group

        IT Group is a leading supplier of IT consultancy and expert witness services, specialising in disaster recovery, data security, fraud investigation and environmental factors (fire and flood).

        FTI Consulting

        In situations where a company’s reputation or enterprise value is placed at risk, FTI Consulting professionals across the globe take a campaign-like approach to these challenges, closely coordinating with DWF to provide strategic counsel on all aspects of internal and external communications. Their Crisis Communications & Special Situations specialists advise companies on event-driven communications when confronted with critical situations.

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